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CCC Data & Data Warehouse

Students walk toward the entrance to City College of San FranciscoSystemwide applications generate actionable data that can improve student outcomes and facilitate institutional improvement. CCC Data allows information from these applications to be aggregated to provide college researchers with the data that may help to inform personalized experiences for students, and to support research opportunities and decision-making driven by legislation and the greater strategic vision of the California Community Colleges.

CCC Data, supported by the Data Services Program (DSP) initiative, is part of the CCC Systemwide Technology Platform developed to provide shareable services to the colleges. CCC Data consists of:

  • Data Lake, used to collect data from a variety of sources, storing these data as changed over time. The Data Lake is used to populate the Data Warehouse and enable data mining and auditing.

  • Data Warehouse, which acts as a structured source of master data, segmented by MIS code, for use by college researchers. The Data Warehouse currently includes data from CCCApply, CCC MyPath, the Multiple Measures Placement Service, COCI and C-ID.

  • Data Warehouse Report Server, which provides a means for researchers to access their college’s data. Direct connections to data in the Data Warehouse are also supported.

CCCData overview diagram

More Information

CCC Data flyer
CCC Data presentation, CISOA Technology Summit, March 2020
CCC Data Warehouse Public Documentation

CCC MyPath

College students walking to classCCC MyPath is a guided pathway onboarding platform that provides information and resources to incoming students, and bridges the gap between the online application and a college’s local systems. It is uniquely positioned to provide critical, dynamic guidance to the student by virtue of its integrated relationship with CCCApply.

CCC MyPath aims to address the falloff between applications received and student enrollment numbers by keeping students engaged with the college and with the system.

More Information

CCC MyPath Project Website
CCC MyPath Flyer

EdExchange Data Exchange Platform

EdExchange aims to create a secure network for the electronic exchange of transcripts between U.S. educational institutions. Its open source, web service-based software has the potential to share educational data — quickly and securely — across districts, state systems, and even internationally.

EdExchange is a project of the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) Common Data Services (CDS) Task Force, which is led by the CCC Technology Center and represents more than 30 institutions and vendors.

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PESC EdExchange web page
EdExchange Data Standard Enters Pilot Phase

Multiple Measures Placement Service

Multiple Measures Placement ServiceThe Multiple Measures Placement Service (MMPS) is designed to help California’s community colleges maximize the probability a student will complete transfer-level English and math courses within one year, as required by Assembly Bill 705.

MMPS consolidates student transcript data from multiple sources and runs it through rules engines to provide colleges with relevant data for English and math placement. Colleges determine final recommendation policies and processes for their students.

MMPS is the result of a statewide collaboration between the California Community Colleges Board of Governors, the Chancellor’s Office, colleges across the system, and partners including California College Guidance Initiative and Educational Results Partnership.

Benefits of MMPS

  • Provides near-real-time recommended support for AB 705-compliant math and English placements.
  • Accesses multiple sources of verified high school transcript information, as well as self-reported data from CCCApply.
  • Furnishes higher level math placements into Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus, when applicable.
  • Integrates with other CCC Technology Center applications, including CCCApply and Data Lake/Warehouse. Future integration with CCC MyPath will give colleges the ability to recommend courses to students.
  • Ease of implementation and maintenance minimizes total cost of ownership for colleges (No licensing fees).

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MMPS flyer
MMPS webinar, April 24, 2019 — View recording
MMPS webinar, April 30, 2019 — View recording
MMPS presentation slides (PDF)
Multiple Measures Initiative Implementation Guide (PDF)
California Community Colleges Assessment and Placement
California College Guidance Initiative
Educational Results Partnership

eTranscript California

eTranscript California is an electronic exchange designed to facilitate the request and delivery of postsecondary transcripts in California.

Since 2008, eTranscript California has eased the transfer process by providing fast and easy access to required records. eTranscript California also ensures that transcripts meet the California Electronic Transcript Standard — a statewide format recognized by the CSU and UC systems.

The exchange supports the work of the Student Success Act of 2012 (SB1456) and the "Second Chance" initiative (AB1056).

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eTranscript California website
eTranscript California flyer

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