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Articulation & Transfer

The CCC Technology Center facilitates several technology projects that support seamless transfer for students moving on from a California community college to a four-year institution. Click on any of the menu items at right to learn more.

Adopt Technology Center Products

Supported by the Chancellor's Office, the Technology Center provides California community colleges with a suite of no-cost software solutions and deployment services geared toward improving student outcomes, increasing college efficiency, and strengthening the CCC as a whole.

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How To Adopt

CCC Technology Center Enabling Services

Get Started with Tech Center Product Solutions in 3 Easy Steps

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and the Technology Center have teamed up to provide the California Community Colleges (CCC) with a suite of no-cost software solutions geared toward improving student outcomes, increasing college efficiency, and strengthening the CCC as a whole. Deployment services are included.

Follow these three easy steps to adopt Technology Center solutions.

1. Learn about the solutions available to my college:
Learn about all of the product solutions that are provided by the Chancellor’s Office and Technology Center at no cost to the college, including deployment services. Click on the Projects menu above to learn more about our products.

2. Contact your College Relationship Manager (CRM) to get started:
Your Technology Center College Relationship Manager (CRM) will help you learn more, and get you started. If you do not know your CRM, please refer to our listing of CRMs by college for contact information. Or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get acquainted.

3. Begin to sketch out your college’s product adoption plan:
Working with your CRM, use the table linked here to map out your colleges desired “START of deployment”, and “GO LIVE” timeframes for each product solution.

Still have questions about how to get started?

Contact Us

Andy Newman
Enabling Services Officer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



CCC SSO Federation

California Community Colleges Single Sign-On FederationThe California Community Colleges Single Sign-on Federation (CCC SSO) is an initiative to provide secure, scalable, and integrated technology solutions for the CCC that take advantage of economies of scale and are facilitated by governance from the colleges, themselves. The CCC SSO Federation offers a common framework for shared management of access to CCC resources and secure web applications.

Implementing a single sign-on solution is a requirement of the CCC SSO Federation and allows participating California Community Colleges to take full advantage of the products and services offered by the CCC Technology Center. The Technology Center has partnered with the InCommon Federation to provide a single sign-on solution to the colleges. Through InCommon, college identity providers can give their users single sign-on convenience and privacy protection, while online service providers control access to their protected resources. Learn more about the partnership with InCommon.

Why SSO?

Single sign-on allows students, faculty and staff to access Technology Center services using the login credentials — or CCCID — they already use at the college or district. CCCID is a systemwide ID provided through the OpenCCC initiative. When a CCC student is configured for a CCCID, they can log in to one application, such as the CCC MyPath student services portal, then access multiple different web applications, such as Canvas and CCCApply, without having to log in to each application individually.

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OpenCCC & Systemwide ID
SSO Federation Resource Guide

Connecting the California Community Colleges

The CCC Technology Center, working with the Corporation for Education Networking In California (CENIC) facilitates and coordinates the development, deployment, and operation of a high-speed fiber optic network to connect students and educators to the world.

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A view of California from space with various community college locations mapped.

About Us

We facilitate and coordinate the work of systemwide technology.

Adopt Our Tech

From connectivity to student services and educational technology.


Hosting and communication services for systemwide initiatives.

Connecting Colleges

Gigabit fiber optic network for all of our colleges.

Information Security

Training, monitoring, and no-cost tools to protect students and educators.


Training and services to make tech accessible to users with disabilities.

About the Technology Center

The California Community Colleges Technology Center, hosted by Butte College, facilitates and coordinates the work of systemwide technology. We operate under the Gartner model of “Run, Grow, Transform” to simplify our portfolio of services and prioritize resources in support of ongoing operations, the next phase of growth, and longer term transformative innovation.

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