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Technology Services

CCC Technology Center Technology ServicesThe California Community Colleges Technology Center is focused on maintenance, security, and upgrades for the continued reliability and performance of our main support systems. We provide strategic information technology support for systemwide projects in the following areas:

Listserv for statewide and regional organizations:

The Technology Center provides LISTSERV® hosting for California Community Colleges regional and systemwide organizations. The Technology Center maintains and supports more than 200 e-mail distribution lists with approximately 68,000 individual subscribers and an average of 300,000 broadcasts per month. The Technology Center also provides support and training for all list owners.

New lists must be approved by the CCC Chancellor's Office. To request e-mail distribution list hosting, send an e-mail, including a description of your organization and expected number of subscribers, to Gary Bird at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Upon approval please contact Sandoval Chagoya at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for detailed instructions on list creation. Someone in your organization will need to serve as the list's owner and manage the basic functions of the list.

Follow this link for subscriber and list owner access to the e-mail distribution list web interface.

Follow this link to access the L-Soft LISTSERV® Handbook. The handbook has comprehensive documentation for list users and managers.

Website hosting:

The Technology Center develops, hosts, and manages several systemwide websites including:

The domain includes the Technology Center site and the project management sites for systemwide projects.

The Technology Center also handles the registration, hosting, and Domain Name System (DNS) for more than 75 additional domains.

All technical support for hosted sites related to the server is provided by the Technology Center. All website content and management is the responsibility of the hosted group. Requests for new website hosting are reviewed by the CCC Chancellor's Office.

For new hosting, contact:

Gary Bird, Technology Director
Telecommunications & Technology Unit
(916) 327-5904
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For general information or technical support, contact:
Dane Mutters
Systems Administrator
CCC Technology Center
(530) 879-4092
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

College Help Desk:

The Technology Center manages and supports the partnership between the CCC System Office and Presidium Learning, Inc., which provides 24/7 help desk service at a reduced rate to colleges through the Foundation for California Community Colleges. Presidium works with each college's established help desk personnel to provide support tailored to each institution's unique needs. The CCC/Presidium help desk transitioned from pilot to a statewide service as of Fall 2008.

CCC Systemwide Help Desk:

The California Community Colleges is implementing a Federated Systemwide User Account System (OpenCCC) tied to new web-based software for students to complete college applications online (OpenCCCApply). Over 90 percent of the California Community Colleges are using CCCApply, the existing online common application to college. The new application to college and new user account system will require help desk support for account recovery and basic account related questions.

Virtual Machine-Ware:

The Technology Center continues to be at the forefront of Virtual Machine technology in the California Community Colleges. Virtual technology allows for consolidation of multiple servers into a single machine, resulting in greater efficiency and enhancing agility. It is also deployed as a disaster recovery solution where far off-site virtual machines can be utilized for a quick return to service. David Albrecht, IS Designer/Developer II at the CCC Technology Center, configured and deployed SAN and VM-Ware architecture, including upgrading memory on VM-Ware and consolidating additional servers onto the system.

Security Research and Analysis:

The Technology Center is dedicated to providing a secure working environment for the California Community Colleges and its partners. Tim Calhoon, Technology Center Executive Director, contines to help lead the systemwide effort in identifying security needs and solutions for the CCC through the Systemwide Architecture Committee (SAC).

Recently the committee developed security product packages through the Foundation for CCC, completed development and production of a series of Security Quick Start Guides, as well as a repository of best-practice boilerplate security policy and procedure documents available for the CCC at the Chief Information Systems Officers Association (CISOA) website. Although this major project is complete, SAC continues to keep a close eye on security with the aid of regular Security Alerts from the Technology Center and the services of Gartner and Burton Groups.

Technical Evaluations:

The Technology Center conducts technical research on information technology matters directly related to the CCC and its infrastructure expansion projects. Research includes technical evaluation of the systemwide technology projects as directed by the CCC Chancellor's Office, TTAC, SAC, and other project identities. Research and evaluation is used to identify and analyze issues that may affect the statewide network infrastructure expansion project, to guide or support policy matters, and to direct new information technology projects.

Emerging Technologies Research and Analysis:

The Technology Center conducts an ongoing environmental scan to determine technology trends and identify emerging technologies that will impact or influence achievement of systemwide goals. This scan of the technical and educational environment is implemented through use of technology consulting groups and participation in appropriate conferences and organizations. Research and trend information is used to affect the direction of technology within the CCC.